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Seeds of Hope Project

We believe that cannabis should be readily available to ALL at reasonable costs.

​ "Seeds of Hope" is born.

What we do…

​As supply allows, we will supply free seeds in packages of 4 on a monthly roll-out, make sure you follow on Twitter or Facebook for announcements. Educate consumers about the health and wellness of cannabis.  From growing to various processes involved in transforming cannabinoids, this includes extracts, edibles, topicals and others. Share clones, seeds and flower.

It is our goal to help all grow their own cannabis.  With our educational programs you will have all the knowledge you need to do just that. now get growing!

Seeds available... ​(sorry only in Canada for now)

BIG BUD Auto,  25 Packages of 4 feminized seeds .  Jan 20, 2020.... Gone

BIG BUD Auto, 25 more pks or 4 fem seeds.  Shipping week of,  On Hold...

If you are applying for a package of seeds, hit the email button below and include your, name, address, email, phone, birthdate and any other info you feel is relevant.  I'll let you know! Cheers

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Free the Weed


What our customers are saying

Great seeds.