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Here you'll learn all about cannabis

From basic cannabis education to full on edible creations, we have the classes to give you the knowledge.  Learn from a medical cannabis grower (cancer patient care giver) all about the plant and its offerings

Free info Sessions

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From seed to harvest, learn all about the plant. Differences between types of plants, cannabinoids, terpenes and all the other new terms.  Flower, bud, extracts what do they all mean. Click on the leaf above and let us know you want in.

Space limited.

Cannabutter/Cannacoconut oil

Learn how to infuse butter, coconut oil and many other baking tips and secrets. Turn cannabis flower into food ingredients.  Most importantly dosing!!

Creating devilish treats

Learn the secrets of creating mouthwatering foods from the good ole brownies to healthy snacks like fruit leather. And Most importantly dosing!

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Tempting topicals

Learn what it takes to make a topical that really works. Our skin is a thick organ and it takes specialized training to make a product that penetrates the skin.

Learn here now!! 


The do's and don'ts for extracting the essential oils from the cannabis plant. Learn about rosin, feco, RSO and all the types.


This chemical explosion will turn the cannabis industry around.

Learn how and why this tech will change the way you use cannabis!

What our customers are saying

Being able to learn in our kitchen with my friends and family made it an entertaining session.

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