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Beanz & Babez

 Now that cannabis is legal, we have bean working hard to get these seeds ready for the Great White North (Canada).

Genetically engineered for their local environment, tested and true.

Kustom clones is what we do. If you are a grower looking to add new lineage to your product assortment, give us a call. Specialized breeding for direct product specifics.

Breeding with a purpose!

We have been on the sidelines for years now waiting for the RIGHT opportunity for us to help bring cannabis back into the mainstream.  It starts here, now. 

In today's crazy fast world, everybody wants everything now.  Our goal is to make growing cannabis easier by breeding strains that are easy to grow in your environment, no more guessing will it finish??

We have over 200 strains in our ever growing library and are currently processing 12 strains.