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Drugs and Spirituality 

Get Fresh-Grown Cannabis Straight

From Your Garden

Our Story​

The Grow Show was established, out of necessity, by our founder, Tom Neumann. A few years back, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Having done years of research on cannabis, he knew that the plant would play a big part in her journey to recovery. The couple immediately applied for medical marijua​na licenses in Edmonton.

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  • Quality - Even with little knowledge, cannabis is as easy to grow as tomatoes. In addition, knowing every aspect that went into its farming will leave you at ease.
  • Cost - The cost of growing cannabis indoors is under $1 per gram and outdoor for less than $.50 per gram.
  • Freshness - Cannabis, like fruits and flowers, also has an optimal date for consumption. Because cannabinoids change from one compound to another through the ripening process, it's important to know the harvesting date of your cannabis.

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For these reasons and many others, the couple started finding a way to educate the world and established The Grow Show in Alberta. It comes in live streaming, a technology growing as fast as the cannabis industry. Because of this similarity, they decided that the two would go well together. With that, we started an exciting show that explores medical marijuana – The Grow Show.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to inform people about the benefits of marijuana and give them access to clean and fresh cannabis by teaching them how to grow it.

Our Founder

Tom Neumann, our head cannabis grower, is a serial entrepreneur and now, a farmer. Born in the 1960s, he has been exposed to cannabis for most of his life. He distinctly remembers the day his parents found his older brother's stash and got so curious that they had to try it themselves. His brother even had it growing in the foyer of their apartment unit.

Since then, his hours have been spent studying and growing cannabis. He has even made food and topical remedies from the plant. A self-taught connoisseur, he now wants to share his knowledge with everyone.

Tom is happily married with two grown kids, and he is living what he calls "the urban farming life." He believes that the legalisation of cannabis will be a game changer as the plant has a whole host of uses far beyond medical and recreational ones  as more and more of the plant's benefits are being discovered.

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